DIY Rose Facial Oil

DIY Rose Facial Oil - Make your own facial oil with essential oils

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This DIY rose facial oil is not only more amazing than any facial oil I’ve purchased, it’s also cost effective. The oils go a long way!


  • 1 10 ml roller balls
  • 15 Drops Blend of Rose
  • 5 Drops Helichrysum
  • 5 Drops Rosewood
  • 5 Drops Carrot Seed
  • 5 Drops Copaiba
  • 1 “glug” Vitamin E
  • 1/3 10 ml bottle Apricot Kernel Oil
  • 2/3 10 ml bottle Jojoba


  1. Add the drops essential oils, blend of roses, helichrysum, rosewood, carrot seed, and copaiba to the roller ball.
  2. Roll the bottle back and forth in your hands letting the oils incorporate into each other.
  3. Add one “glug” of vitamin e oil.
  4. The rest of the bottle will be filled with 1/3 apricot kernel oil, and the rest with jojoba oil.
  5. Use daily as you would another facial oil or moisturizer.